Imperial Homes Corporations (IHC) celebrates today 36 years of providing better homes to low income Filipino families.  From its early years in Bicol, the company now boasts of developments all over Luzon including Nueva Ecija, Batangas, and Laguna, in addition to the Bicol developments.  

The company is not your run-of-the-mill housing developer, however.  “My advocacy is to find the best technology in the world and use it to build high-quality but affordable home for the Filipino masses,” says Emma M. Imperial, President and CEO of IHC.  Towards this end, Imperial has added two companies to the group to make this a reality:  Enfinity Imperial Solar Solutions, Inc. (EISSI) was established in 2015 to bring solar energy to Imperial Homes.  Connovate Philippines was established in 2018 to bring new construction technology to the building process.

“I had this idea to provide solar power to the masses.  At the time, only rich people could afford solar energy.  Some people thought I was crazy to do it but I was determined to find a way,” said Imperial.  She launched her first Solar Powered Community in January 2016.  This was Via Verde in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.  Since then over 1000 solar-powered homes have been put up.

Her search for best housing technology also led her to Connovate Denmark.  The company had invested in developing a high-performance concrete building technology that utilizes 85% less cement.  The technology significantly reduces carbon emission in construction.  And because they are prefabricated panels, construction is like putting together Lego blocks – which also means faster and more efficient construction.

“I knew I wanted it for Imperial Homes,” narrates Imperial.  “While they were using Connovate for high-end construction projects in Denmark, I envisioned using it for my low-cost projects in IHC.” Imperial soon secured an exclusive production licensing agreement with Connovate Denmark and formed Connovate Philippines.  

Concrete panels made by Connovate are rated at 14,000psi.  It is highly resistant to typhoons and earthquakes. It has also been tested to be fire resistant.  In addition, it is non-porous so it is resistant to moulds.  Because of this technology, Imperial Homes boast of a material life span of 100 years.

Connovate has one factory Silang, Cavite.  This factory will triple its capacity within the year.  Another factory in Iriga City will be operational by the end of the year with another one coming up in Davao.  “We can partner and deliver for any company interested in sustainable development,” declares Ramir Padilla, Connovate President.  

To ensure that majority of Filipinos are able to afford an Imperial Home, the company has sealed a long-term partnership with the Home Development Management Fund (HDMF) headed by Pag-IBIG Fund President Mr. Acmad Moti.  He has approved solar improvement loans and the world class Connovate building panels for its 16 Million members.  And with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) headed by Chairman Agnes Devanadera working to make solar net metering accessible to socialized and economic housing communities, this means that Imperial Home owners can look forward to more savings that promote inclusive growth. 

At 36, Imperial Homes has done much to elevate the housing development industry.  Expect to see more innovation from them in the years to come.  “This is only the beginning. As long as there are families needing a world-class sustainable home, we will continue to build them while also working with other developers who are doing the same,” Imperial concluded.

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