There is always that sinking feeling when has to visit the hospital for consultations and checkups with one’s physicians. There is no avoiding the lobby where one sees all sorts of patients and their attendants and it adds to the stress where one is waiting for the physician to attend to you.

There is also the increasing cases of hospital-acquired infections that is a cause of very serious concern. All these  for out-patient services and consultations that according to studies last for an average of 11 minutes per patient.

It is true that top tier hospitals take serious efforts in disinfecting the premises including “negative air pressure” zones but the sheer volume and human traffic caused by the floor plan of most hospitals make zero infection  efforts difficult to attain.

A highly efficient and well planned facility is then needed to serve the healthcare needs of out-patients that expect prompt medical care combined with less intimidating but comfortable facilities.

The Centuria Medical Makati answers these needs. It is a 28-storey building with state-of-the-art facilities that includes 600 medical offices, laboratories, operating rooms and other diagnostic services confined in an environment akin to first class hotels.

Centuria Medical Makati is located in the heart of residential and commercial high rise developments called Century City along Kalayaan Ave., Makati City. Centuria Med boasts of the latest in building technology and information and technology such as high speed internet, EMR and Picture Archiving Systems that help doctors to coordinate with other specialists should it be required by their patients.

Centuria Med has the latest equipment for its diagnostic laboratory, operating rooms, digitally generated images and even a pharmacy ( a top drugstore is currently being established). It also has a surgery center to cater to minor operations  and even suites for pre-procedure and post-procedures. Centuria Med has affiliations with tertiary hospitals in the metropolis whenever there is a need to proceed beyond outpatient consultations and an ambulance service is available for the patients so as to lessen the stresss of hospital transfers.

Centuria Medical Makati’s services caters to a myriad of health concerns. The medical arts facility will house clinics catering to general medicine; multi-specialty practice; aesthetics/cosmetic surgery; dermatology; ear, nose and throat (ENT); ophthalmology; cardiology; oncology; neurology; psychiatry; obstetrics and gynecology; fertility; pediatrics; general surgery; orthopedics; urology; dentistry/orthodontics; anti-aging; geriatric medicine; pain care management; and wellness and complementary medicine, among others.

Centuria Med is well placed to serve the medical tourism industry that is one of the thrusts of the Philippine healthcare system.

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